It Was a Birding Kind of Week

Connie and I left Tucson on the 11th of November, destination Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge for the annual Festival of the cranes. We were invited by our good friends Vickie and Carl Becker to join them for the festivities. I knew it would be cold there at this time of year, but not as cold as it turned out.

We arrived at the RV park on Saturday. Someone once wrote a review of the park that stated the best thing about it was location, location, location. And they were absolutely correct. Bosque Birdwatchers RV Park lacks some amenities, but what it lacks is made up by being only 1/2 a mile or so from the entrance to the Refuge.


Hard to believe with temperatures in the low 30s at night, but there were actually tenters every night.


Connie and Pepper enjoyed a very relaxing week while Lisa enjoyed the festival and the birds.


Lisa tried to learn some knew things about birds and photography, we are not to sure how much learning took place, only time will tell. 

There were over 2,000 cranes at the refuge and over 4,000 geese. Most of the geese are Snow Geese with a few Ross’s and Canadian thrown in. two-snow-geese-in-flight2

 Two Snow Geese in flight


Geese lifting off shortly after dawn


A young Snow Goose


Snow Goose


Sandhill Crane parachuting down


Sandhill Crane


Two Sandhill Cranes in flight


Sandhill Crane being chased by a Snow Goose


Great Blue Heron

Besides birds and good friends both San Antonio and Socorro New Mexico have some good eating. We ate at a few of them including the Buckhorn and San Antonio Crane in San Antonio. The Buckhorn is “famous” for having a hamburger that beat Bobby Flay in a throwdown a few years ago. While the San Antonio Crane is a small Mexican restaurant with good sopapillas. In Socorro we ate at Sophia’s Kitchen, El Camino Restaurant and Lounge, Socorro Springs Brewing Company and Bodega Burger Company. Good eating at all of them.

On Saturday Connie and I were able to meet one of our favorite bloggers, Lynn from winnieviews.  As we prepared for full time RVing the posts on Lynn’s site really helped. Lynn was working at the visitor center but still managed to spend about 10 minutes talking to us.

We had some fantastic news this week, the house has sold. we are over the moon happy that we don’t have to worry about anything happening to it as we traipse around the country.

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